Monday, 26 March 2012

2 New Poems

I've been unwell over the past several weeks which is why I haven't been adding to the blog. I am feeling better these days and have 2 new poems that I would like to share.

Hoping for the best
I have reason to hope for the future: 
that life will be full of light 
and love and friendship.
I have reason to hope because 
it is already the truth of my life. 
I am surrounded, circled and consoled 
by my friends and loved ones.
I am already held in high regard
and given respect in ways 
unknown to autistics in the past.
I am already listened to 
for my opinion and looked to 
for friendship.
I have hope for a future
that is the best because 
I am on a good path 
that I can return to at times 
when I must lie down on the side.
I feel loved and I feel held
and I have reason to hope 
my life will continue along 
this way.
AB, 7 Mar 2012
The meaning in life
Life is mysterious, isn't it?
We always seek answers; 
we have so many questions.
I know you are a seeker of truth and beauty 
and I a seeker of meaning.
We can meet in the middle
and paint pictures 
with the answers we find.
I think we can have a meeting of our minds 
and a meeting of our hearts.
I like to connect with you
and I hope you do too.
AB 15 Feb 2012