Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Tribute to my Friends

I am fortunate to have some wonderful friends around the world, and to be connected to their friends as well. My friend Sunyoung KJim, whom I call Sunny, recently completed her PhD in Korea with a dissertation based on our collaboration while she lived in Guelph. She is now planning the 4th in her series of:
Music Therapeutic Concerts: Andrew's Music Story in Kimhae on January 25, 2017.  

Sunny will be a storyteller of the concert, and 7 old friends will be introduced.  
1st: Andrew Bloomfield  
2nd: Vibraphone (Vibist), Jazz Drummer Minsu Lim  
3rd: Jazz Drummer, Music Director for this concert Yeojung Heo  
4th: Jazz Guitar, Vocal Hongseok Kim  
5th: Blus Guitar, Vocal Dalim Kangheo  
6th: Jazz Bass, Contrabass Byunghun Lee  
7th: Jazz Bass Wooyoung Lee 
The musicians are all Sunny's longtime friends and associated with the Seoul Jazz Academy. They are really famous musicians and all teach at Korean universities.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bulk Microgreens

Good afternoon friends. Here is an update on my microgreen hobby. I have now started to make it a little more large scale. These are sunflower microgreens. For those interested, there are so many various microgreens that you can grow. And they are often more nutritious than their mature adult version. I recommend trying some, you can really cut back on the produce you buy in stores!