Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Earth Alerts

Please take a look at my new Earth Alerts page. My first post is about stormwater management.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Tree of Life

Tree of life
11 Sep 2013
Life can be summed up
when we take time to look at a tree.
It starts at the roots:
we all need roots to ground us.
If the trunk is strong we stand tall,
but it can be beaten down by wind and disease.
In the life of a tree
the nourishment it receives
can make or break it.
The nourishment it receives
can help it withstand
the storms in its world.

Each tree is different as is each of us.
The tulip tree is magnificent and unique.
The red oak is fiery in the autumn.
The maple is dripping with sweetness
and reminds us to be generous
in giving goodness to each other.
The ginkgo tree is enduring:
it goes on and on
and gives me the inspiration
that my deeds will also live on.

Trees are worth protecting.
When we take care of the trees,
we protect our very lives.