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Supported Typing

I am an autistic man. I cannot speak with my voice, but through Supported Typing I have found a voice for my thoughts, hopes and fears. I love words and compose what my friends call poetry.

A bridge is my image of how S-T can connect my island to the mainland society and overcome my frustrations in being misunderstood and not in control of my life. I make choices about everything that affects me. I have an excellent life: my motto is: “I am host in my home; I am whole and have hope.” I have been inspired by my joy in working with Beth, my communication partner from 2000.
Since January 2004, I have hosted a support group for communication. Friends who do not speak reliably because of neuro-motor disabilities come from all over southern Ontario for monthly gatherings in Guelph.

Groups like ours are rare because we have been assumed not to have thoughts or feelings and we have not been educated or supported to express ourselves. Most of us have been isolated and excluded. S-T is very hard. It strains our bodies and minds. But it is all we have. So it is good to do it and we are glad we can. The experience of sharing our struggles and strategies, gave us the idea of Bridges-Over-Barriers as a name and a vision of a way to help others who have no voices. We think that seeing and hearing us through our DVD will help more people to understand. I had the idea of the book—I called it a narralogue—which explains a bit more.

This is the link to information about our book and DVD.

From mid-2005, I have been passionate about my vision of a Bridges Centre as a place of refuge and organization for communication and life planning where people who do not speak because of Autism etc can come together to share support ideas and community. The way ahead is still not clear or easy for people who type to talk because they cannot speak with their voices, especially in Canada. But in 2010 we may see some signs of hope that other people are getting the message.

Through our book and DVD we want to share our thoughts and ideas on how we live in this world. This DVD will open your mind to different ways to communicate and if you listen you will enjoy. We can be misunderstood if people don’t listen.

Our needs and dreams are big, big, big! Each of us has very individual needs which we can describe using S-T. The kinds of lives we shape for ourselves, understanding our options and making decisions with S-T, must suit our unique personalities, abilities and circumstances. Some of us still have to sort out our priorities and convince the people in our lives that our voices really matter in all choices that affect us.

Bridges-Over-BarriersTM  Is a Communication and Life Planning Initiative
I have a dream of Bridges-Over-Barriers as a centre of communication and life planning for those who live with autism and movement motor challenges. We will build on our small community of pioneers who have been meeting monthly to develop our communication skills and share technology ideas and friendship. The Bridges centre can have many roles, from a power house to a retreat centre.
We share the philosophy of "People First": "Nothing about me without me" and "Though I may not speak with my voice, I have plenty to say." Our friends and families like the potential of Bridges-Over-Barriers to help with supported decision-making and directing our own lives.
We need help from everyone to make the Bridges Dream come true. My role is to speak up, keep the dream alive and ask people to help. All proceeds of my autobiography, Bridges over barriers in my life with autism (2011) will go to the Bridges Dream fund.
Please …
·    Tell others about Bridges and our Bridges dream, especially if they need communication help or can offer it;
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·    Make a donation to help us realize the Bridges dream.
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