Monday, 14 May 2012

My New Article

I want to tell you that my article about Supported Typing and Bridges-Over-Barriers was published this week in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies. My title is: "What everyone yearns for: really good support to communicate. The Ontario story of Bridges-Over-Barriers". The article is online at this link:

Reading the article is free but you have to register and sign in. I suggest you choose to read the article in PDF format as the HTML format at present misses important punctuation and even one paragraph is missing. The only drawback is that you can't view the clip of our Bridges video from inside the PDF document. You have to get into the HTML version about 60 per cent through to get to the video link. Special thanks to Christine for preparing this clip from the original video.

I thank everyone who encouraged me to think about and compose this article. I hope very strongly that more people will understand how important it is for us to communicate and connect, to express ourselves and make choices about our lives. Please pass on this link to anyone who could help or be helped. Comments and questions are welcome.

Some new poems to share.....

A Home of My Very Own
AB 2 May 2012
Getting my own home
was a way of growing up,
a way of putting down roots,
and a way of gaining respect.
Getting my own home
was a way of feeling safe,
knowing I would never again
have to live anywhere
that was not good for me.

I want to know I am king in my castle
and no one can beat down my doors.
I want to know I am showing others
I can do this and that maybe
they can too.
I want to know
we are teaching others
about living a good life
and that having one’s own home
is a key ingredient.

A key is a way to unlock the door
to new experiences
but it is also a way
to keep out annoyances.
Things that are bothersome or
that make me feel limited
may not get past the doorway.
I will always welcome those who
who come with open hearts and minds
and a hunger for friendship and good food.
Dreaming to be free
AB 11 May 2012
Freedom to me is about living
every day with meaning and purpose.
I have reason to doubt and
reason to be discouraged.
I am the author of my story.
It can be a sad one or a happy one
with things to share about my strengths.
I am choosing the story
with a positive way of reading.
My hope is to give others hope with my stories.

I want to be an encourager.
I want to be ambitious.
I am independent and strong.
If I use my challenges to help others grow
I can use my life to be a kind of leader.
I am determined to show myself and others
I can achieve if I believe I can.
I am an achiever of big dreams
that I live out everyday
This will give me reason to live
and dream to be free.
I will then be free to be me.