Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Two New Poems

Greetings friends. Today I have two new poems to share.  The first one shares my thoughts and feelings on the brain calm supplement I have been taking. The second one is about making decisions in my life.

Brain Calm
AB 15 Oct 2016
Today I am calm and feeling well.
It’s like I am a child again.
Everything is new.
It is clean in my head.
My head is like it used to be
when I did not have worries.
It is a clear and blue sky in my head.
It’s like I had a veil lifted from my eyes.
I could see again.
Black scarf over my face was causing me
to see things in a dark way.
Now my eyes are clear
to see the sunshine and blue skies.
The flowers push the Gaba
into my holes in my brain.
Now the brain is whole again.
It feels good all the time.
Why did we wait?
I do not have headaches.
I think and feel like a new person.
It is a good thing.
Thank you for trying.

AB 15 Oct 2016
I am my own advocate.
I speak up for myself and do what I need to.
I speak up for what is important to me.
I am Andrew John Bloomfield the Third—
I am he!
Making sure I get my good food
and no needles.
Having my own home.
Being a good host to friends.
Eating well and being a runner.
I am a student--I need to keep learning.
Having my friends and family close.
Trying new things so I am learning
to be a more confident man
and not afraid of change and challenges.
I am trying to be the best me.
When I began to use ST, I became my voice.
I am the luckiest and blessed man
to have good people in my life.
But perhaps not lucky-
it happens for a reason.
The people who are here are here for me
and I love them all.
Thank you for helping make this happen.
You listen to me, the people in this room.

Aroha is my rock for the future.
I have a good future
 if my Aroha follows this advice.
Listening to me
to make sure it is what I really want.
I can change my mind.
It is important that people know
it is me who does the talking
about my ideas.
Sometimes I need to ask questions.
It helps to know more before I go ahead.
Always speak up for what I want
and don’t be afraid to ask.
I need to use Supported Typing
to say what I need.
More ST is always good.
I think that all people need to be
their own advocate.
That is the only way
they will be heard and believed.
You say what you want
and let others know
what is important to you.
They need to listen
and if they do not listen
then keep telling.