Monday, 27 March 2017

New Video

Can I share my latest short video? HORSE AND MAN shows my work with Max the horse at Sunrise, with some scenes of other places where I have worked with horses. I also share a related poem and my new painting for the Eden Mills Arts Festival. Thanks to Jesse for support at Sunrise and for his video skills and to Heidi for being my art mentor. To watch the video, click the picture or visit the link:

We are making various short videos so new friends and supporters can understand how best to encourage me to do my best and realize my dreams. It's also a kind of social story to see myself in everyday activities. The day we filmed this video was actually "grey" for me but I tried my best.

Monday, 13 March 2017

My rock collection
I like to travel--just about anywhere. California for sure and to revisit New Zealand where I was born. I specially love to travel by train. But my sensory and movement differences get in the way.
My friends who do travel bring back rock samples as well as photographs and postcards. I have a special rock cabinet with the rocks labelled with their composition and the place they were picked up. I have rocks from all over Canada from the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland to Yellowknife. From outside Canada too, in various parts of the US and the Caribbean, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Korea and New Zealand.
I have just been given a collection of special rocks from northern Ontario by a geologist Lindsay Debono. Stuart is helping me to post photographs of them.