Monday, 30 May 2016

Eden Mills Arts Festival

My big news is being a member of the Eden Mills Arts Festival this past weekend.
This is part of the whole Festival website about my paintings.
The rest of the EMAF website is interesting as well.

Heidi, my dear art mentor, and I are partners in art. I say what I want to paint, often in a poem, and then we discuss how to make it visual. Then I focus hard on brushing on the paint.

In the end, I was ill over the weekend and could not be there. It was too humid and hot for me. But Heidi was there for the whole time and met various people interested in how I express myself.
This is how I have expressed in poetry the way I paint with my art mentor and dear friend Heidi:

Poetry and Painting Partnerships

My words are a painting
and my paintings
show my words in colour
and form.

I think about things
and they spill out in words
when a supporter comes along
and offers her hand beneath my fingers.

I like to let it melt out of me
like butter in the pan.
I think a painting would be yellow
to show the bright ideas
I sometimes have.

I wish I could believe
I have it in me to be an artist.
My ideas are transferred to canvas
by my painting partner 
but I cannot create the scenes
with my own hands.

My mind knows what I have to say
but the hands can't get it
to look as I imagine it.
So I paint
the picture with my words.

I know my paintings are
a collaboration,
and so it is a social
as well as a creative experience.

I think, I type,
I make art with my partner
and we share the time
and the glory of admiration
from an adoring audience.

AB 23 Jan 2013

Monday, 2 May 2016

Here we have the microgreens (broccoli and sunflower) making great progress. The sunflower will take closer to two weeks but the broccoli is already almost ready to harvest.
Also, the sprouts have already been consumed! Some still remaining but they are ready much faster.