Green Man

sunflower sprouting

propagating scented geranium

drying geranium leaves in my kitchen
my blooming jasmine plant
harvesting jasmine flowers

makes a great addition to my potpourri bowl

my rose bush
has fragrant blooms

lower growlights are drying my rose petals

friendship plant
is easy to propagate

 cut below node so that roots can grow

pull off all leaves except top few

place in pot and water

place in a plastic bag to retain moisture for a week 

Passion for gardening and caring for our environment.

My garden

Harvesting goodies from my garden
What Green Means to Me
(17 Dec 2010)
Plants add life to my home and inspire my interest in green.
I love the colour but also
the freshness of green.
The colour is natural and real.
It is calming and comforting.
It adds the spice of things to foods
and flavour to my eyes.

Plants provide nourishment to our body
but our eyes reveal
the enjoyment of the colour.
I feel closer to the land
when I feel the soil in my fingers
that brings life to the seeds I plant and care for.
I see how the seeds take root
and form the new life of a plant.

It is like myself:
I take time and care
then my life forms.
Just like a plant
I turn into a new thing every day.
I think that is why I love the colour green. [

I think of green as
new beginnings and hope.
Every day I need
to plant myself in the day
and your care and support is
like watering me.
I am inspired every day
to grow and gap the bridges in my life.

Each new day I have a new bridge to cross
and if they don’t all connect
I can fall through the gaps.
Talking to get my thoughts
out of my head
gaps the fears I have
of not being able to use my voice
and express myself.
It fills in the space
and connects me to the next bridge.

I grow my own tea and use flowers for dried floral arrangements