Monday, 30 January 2017

Some Concert Photos

Just received these photos from my great music friend in Korea--of last week's jazz concert in Seoul that was inspired by our music relationship.

Some New Poems

I had a good conversation over the weekend, typing to talk my thoughts. Though my head felt in a fog to start with, I was able to express myself and brought out two poems that have been waiting in my head for some time. They are inspired by our work with colours as well as my relationships with different friends.

My eyes are my camera to the world
AB 28 January 2017
My eyes are my camera to the world:
I see what my senses are allowing me.
The sight is just of ways I actually see:
I need my whole body to make it focus.
When my body is in turmoil
my sight is unclear
and it is like a fog.
When I am balanced and feeling my best
my sight is clear and bright.
It takes all of the energy I have
to use my senses together.
Red, green, orange, yellow, purple and blue
are bright and happiness is felt.
Grey and black leave me with doubt.
White is clear and empty and unfinished.
It is a good day to see the bright colours and it gives me joy.
I need all of these colours to make my life choices.
I need the grey and black colours
to give me gratitude for the bright days.
It is through the ears and nose and mouth
and also my fingers
that I truly can see through my eyes.
It is a big film
taking place in my mind
before I have this sight.
This is a camera of many different lenses.
I see life as I sense and feel it.
It is a series not a one-time film.

My friends are the heartbeat of my home
AB, 28 January 2017
My friends are the heartbeat of my home.
Each one brings a different tone and rhythm;
together they make an orchestra.
I have the bold and triumphant
who bring the new ideas and loud change.
The soft and slower moving bring
a calm and soothing  tune.
I feel the song come to life as they enter my home.
Each of my friends is a gift with different tunes to sing.
It reminds me of different birds.
Sometimes are the tunes are bit fast and confusing
while others are relaxing.
It is always a nice song each day brings
with new and old friends entering my home.
It is a beautiful song to hear when we are together.