Monday, 4 February 2013

Ken's Christmas trip to Jamaica

Hello Bridges friends,

Here is Ken's story about his Christmas trip to Jamaica!

Please let us know if you need it in some other format.

Thank you Ken!



January 5, 2013

Ken’s reflections on his vacation in Jamaica.

I had a good time.  Carlo and Donna took me out to see Jamaica with them.  We saw the beach and we took the bus to see different places.  I liked the people.  They were nice to me.  We ate good food – lots of vegetables and fruit.  Inez made a chicken for Christmas Day.  We had her relatives come and eat with us.  They are very happy and laugh a lot.  I liked going to the beach. It was fun to stand in the waves.  They feel strong when you stand in them.  I think Inez and Norris are very happy there.  They have lots of friends and we visited a lot of them after church.  I wore my purple shirt to church and the people told me I looked nice.

I stayed with Inez and Norris.  We worked in the garden and I helped to carry the vegetables and baskets back to the house.  It is a nice big house with lots of rooms. We each had a room to sleep in.  We ate a lot of fish and I had to be careful of the bones.  Inez is a good cook and she gave us a lot to eat.  I was full and did not have to take food.

I saw a lot of places that were nice to see.  I saw a lot of nice flowers growing around the houses and buildings.  The houses are painted many different colours so everything looks bright and pretty.   I liked visiting the relatives.  They were happy to see me. They remembered me from my last visit to Jamaica.

I like the pretty flowers and the blue sky.  I liked the bus ride around to see places.  It is very pretty with all the trees which have bright flowers growing on them.  The roads are full of holes, but we can still drive on them.  Inez cooked lots of fish for breakfast. It was different but it tasted good.  I liked being with Donna and Carlo on our trips to see things.  We saw lots of buildings and lots of nice gardens.  The goats and dogs are free to roam the streets and parks around the place where we stayed.  I thought it was different having goats beside us on the road where we walked.

I liked Inez’s house and it was a very nice place with lots of windows to look out. The sky was blue and the water was warm to swim in.  We had a good time in Jamaica.  It is strange to come back to Canada with all the snow and now I have to wear winter clothes.  I will get used to it again.  I will be able to snowshoe in the woods now.

I gave Inez a hug and Donna thanked her for both of us.  They were kind to us and took good care of us.  They have nice friends at church.

From Ken

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