Monday, 26 August 2013

A New Poem

River of Thoughts
8 June 2012 (j)
The river is a beginning and an end.
The river begins to trickle,
The trickle becomes bigger
and a stream forms.
The stream becomes a body of water
to be home to plants and fish.
The bottom is rocky and smooth
from the constant motion of the water.
The river becomes home to many things.
The plants flow like ribbons in the water.
The birds of the river become
the hunters of the fish.
The herons stand tall and look like
they are guarding the river.
The geese are a noisy and large presence.
I feel like a goose sometimes:
I am noisy with my unexpected energy.
I can be seen as a threat to those I don’t know.
I am not harmful to anyone:
I just need to get to know you.
The river becomes so wide it needs a bridge
to get across this magnificent body of water.
It has many things to stop you
and have you look and listen.
It has to be strong and powerful
to do what it needs to.
The river becomes a forceful stream
that needs a bridge to pass over
to enjoy things on either side.
This is like my life:
I need the powerful and noisy things
in my day to make it all work.
I am going back and forth
on the bridge every day.
My life is changing always
but it is full of energy and new things
that form the rocks in my life.
They keep changing and smoothing
as the river in my life moves.
I am thankful for the bridges
I have in my life to cross it
when I need to.

My life is much like the river.
The river is magnificent:
the river of my home and life.

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