Monday, 3 March 2014

Trees Are Intelligent

We can learn a lot about building community from trees. Trees are friends. Not only do they provide humans with oxygen; shade; food; shelter; and beauty, but they are also beneficial to Earth's other creatures.

For instance, the Douglas fir will create a mutually beneficial relationship with a type of fungi growing in the soil. They try to create a network of roots together for the benefit of the whole community. The trees provide the fungi with carbon, and in return the trees get nutrients from the fungi. The network of roots ensures that nutrients are shared among community members. They get transported to where they are needed in order to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Humans can use this beautiful relationship as an example of how to better interact with trees. We could plant more and try to be friends.

Not only that, we can try to create better relationships with each other in a similar way that the Douglas fir and the fungi do.


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