Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Sprouting Tips

Some things I have learned during my tips for sprouting (with the help of google searches of course!)

Soaking the seeds for a few hours/days prior to sprouting can really speed up and help the sprouts start. Especially with the sprouting kit I have, soaking helps the seeds to not block the irrigation holes. I tried broccoli seeds in the sprouter (without soaking them) and not much happened. In the photo, I just set up some broccoli seeds that have been soaked for two days in the sprouter and anticipating better results. The broccoli micro-greens have been fantastic!

Rinsing the sprouts twice a day (or more) is optimal for clean healthy sprouts.

A little goes a long way. The seeds may seem small but they transform quite a bit. In fact, I recently got a second Victorio Sprouting kit in order to produce even more sprouts with more variety.

Experimenting is key! When starting out with sprouting, do little batches while trying different methods to see what you will have the most success with and which sprouts you like the best. It may take a month or two before you develop a great system for ongoing sprouts, but it'll be well worth it.

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