Wednesday, 28 September 2016

News and a Poem

In September I am feeling so much better. We credit a supplement called Brain Calm which makes me feel relaxed and focused, in what I call my green mode. I can control my movements much better and so make myself run more steadily. I would like to run a race again. The next chance is the famed Guelph Thanksgiving Day race on the holiday Monday.

I have also been able to express my thoughts more fluently again using supported typing. After ten months of being stuck, I have started sharing my poetry again. This poem tells how hard it is to have words in my brain but to be unable to get them out.

AB 17 Sep 2016
The road ahead can be full of obstacles.
that cause my day to be bumpy and uncertain.
Words of encouragement and looks of hope
give me the help to go on,
pushing myself to strive for more.

Looking ahead to the final goal
gives me the urge to keep going.
It gets stressful and discouraging
when others do not see my reason
for the rage.

I push forward
to try and explain with my actions
but sometimes that is not enough.
The words are there
and the intention to say them
but that cannot happen.
I push forward
and wait for the time
to express my words with my fingers.

Sometimes it is a long and winding road
with curves that bring disaster.
It gets smoothed out
with my words of expression.
This relief and happiness
to say what I want
is like a race.
I need to push forward and
strive for the finish line every day.

This is not only perseverance
but my ability to endure
the things I cannot change.
This is endurance:
It is hope for a better tomorrow.

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