Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Sharing a photo of me with MAX at Sunrise Equestrian. At present, I groom and feed Max organic carrots. I also muck out some stalls. Some time I would like to ride him. Max is 25 years old.

Horse and man
13 Jul 2013
The long and colourful body
is a strong and powerful force.
The mind of the gentle soul
is a clever one.
The kindness seen in the eyes
is a voice that whispers hope to me.
The touch of the body is warm
and I feel the beating of the heart.
It looks like it could walk right over you
but it is so kind it never would.
It is soft and a colour that soothes the eyes.

I am feeling the softness
and the rough tickle
at the same time.
When the brush touches the hair
it gives the horse a gentle rub.
It is rough but it gives a soothing feel.
I love the brown and white strong colours.
I see the thoughtful ideas of the horse
in its eyes and body.
It wants to run free
and be open to new things.
It needs the care of the man
to be healthy and keep safe.

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