Monday, 25 November 2013

How Supported Typing works for me....

My friends, especially those I have met only recently, are very intrigued by Supported Typing. My relationship with my ST facilitator is very precious. This is a new poem I composed after a long session in which B supported me to have a conversation with a new running partner. If you use ST, how is it for you?

Opening the Taps
AB 6 Nov 2013
My brain is like a water faucet:
when it is open,
words and feelings pour out of me;
and then it is closed and I shut off.

Nothing helps to open the taps
like being with you.
I feel open when you sit down
and invite me to speak my mind.
If the faucet is stuck
you grease it with your encouraging words.
and when I need to shut off you let me.
Sometimes it is slow to get flowing
 like in the winter when things
start to freeze.
Then you chip away the ice
in a way that is neither mean
nor tentative.

My brain is saying yes thank you
and I will tell you what
is in my heart.
My brain is full to the brim
but I need my writing partner
to help open the faucet,
like I need partners to run
and to work in the garden.

Does this mean you are a plumber
or someone who knows
about water faucets?
You keep your brain open to me
and I think when you invite me
to talk there is a coupling of our minds
and the words come flowing.
Not always but when it is working
it is a monumental thing
and I am grateful for these moments.

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