Monday, 25 November 2013

The Joys of Running

The Joys of Running
I have always wanted to run run run and have been grateful for running partners. Now I have met men my own age who are committed to helping me to realize my dreams. My faulty nervous system means that I can't always do what I dream. But I am trying, helped by creative strategies of my running friends. It helps me to express my thoughts and dreams in poems and mantras like this one, which was first composed in February 2013 (with Judi's ST support) and recently edited by Lea who is my Clean Language discussant and adviser: 

I am a good fast runner
I am determined and focused.
I keep up.
Being determined and focused is exciting and responsible.
Exciting is huge and big with unlimited joy.
I can reach it.
It is where I want to be.
I can do what I need to do.
I can go towards it and reach a very big dream that will bring me joy.
Joy is being full of hope and peace and knowing that I have done my very best.
Joy is big, it is green and yellow.
I am smiling and running with Yukon and we are in a field of green and yellow.

My dream is happiness.
My dreams are in my thoughts and my heart.
I grow and push myself forward to make it happen.
My very big dream is fulfilled.
I keep the dreams alive.
I feel so good and alive like a runner in a marathon going for the finish line.
I see my family and friends cheering.
My body is free and able, like a plunge into the water. 

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