Monday, 13 January 2014

Photos of My First Run

Can I share some photos from my first race on 14 December 2013. We ran in a blizzard. It was cold but exhilarating!
I am very glad to run regularly, with my wonderful encouragers David and Dean.

Running in aid of The Big and Little Brothers and Sisters of Guelph
Andrew with running companions, David and Dean

Friends cheering Andrew on as he crosses the finish line

Proud parents

David, Andrew and Dean
I composed this poem about how my encouraging supporters help me to keep going.

My encouraging supporters ground my life
AB, 7 Dec 2013
It is with these people
and my furry friends
that I can move forward.
I am a man with ideas for myself
and these ideas come to life
with help of others.

It is important you know it is me.
My goals for new things are realized
by working through the obstacles
and overcoming what I think I cannot achieve.
It is a kind word or a touch to my shoulder
to say “well done my friend you can do it”.

I have many who encourage me
with my expression
of my thoughts and ideas
and my love to create my garden and art.
My passion to be healthy and strong
includes my running and good walks
with friends and Yukon.

I am in constant mode of rhythm
which helps me to keep the beat of my activities
but it is the beat of these encouragers
that keeps my life song singing.

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