Monday, 1 May 2017

New poem for a new painting about my Green Oasis

AB 25 March 2017
The fresh smell of the morning dew 
on the new day
is ready for a fresh start.
Droplets of water are hanging on, 
just waiting to fall
to give the soil a taste of refreshment,
just enough to give a nourishing drink 
and refresh its dryness.
The buds begin to come awake 
and peek out from their slumber.
The winter has given them rest 
and restored their strength.
Now it is time to come to life again.
It’s spring!
Come awake, so we can see all your beauty!

Once the buds develop,
and the leaves and stems
come to life again,
the life in my garden
becomes a captivating green oasis
with lushness to enjoy.
The green gives a place of peace and tranquility
where everything is real.
There is no artificial plastic material in a plant:
it is real and serene.
I love it for what it is.

I sit on my swing to enjoy the birds
as they enjoy the sights of my garden
and benefit from the seeds and twigs for their homes.
Yukon loves to watch the birds play
a game of who gets to the fence first
while the wind pushes their wings together.
It is a green oasis of serene joy
as I sit and take in the sights, sounds, smells
of my beautiful garden.
This is truly serenity.

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